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This video provides basic training in the use of the Accu-Joint™ Hemi Implant in a typical patient. It does not cover all situations that may arise during a surgery. I will review the Instructions for Use, available on this website, which provides additional necessary information regarding indications for use, contraindications, possible complications, warnings and other information. I will also review the Surgical Tips, available on this website, which provides additional information regarding insights, learnings and tips pertaining to the surgical technique. If I have questions about the video or require additional training I will contact Accufix at contact@accufixsurgical.com. I agree to complete the test that accompanies this training video.

Rep Training Video & Quiz


Watch the video below in its entirety then click the button below the video to take your certification quiz. A score of 90% is necessary to pass.

1. The Accu-Joint™ can be implanted even if an angular deformity over 3 degrees exists.
2. The Accu-Joint™ can be used in all lesser MP joints of the foot.
3. The Accu-Joint™ can be used in any joint in the first toe.
4. The Accu-Joint™ is made of
5. The Accu-Joint™ is considered a joint resurfacing procedure.
6. The Accu-Joint™ relies on soft, medullary bone for fixation, similar to other implants.
7. The reamer has two stages and the inner blade provides a 1 mm countersinking inset to fit the 1 mm thickness of the implant.
8. The outer blade of the reamer prepares the entire articular surface of the joint by removing worn cartilage and 4 mm of bone.
9. The Accu-Joint™ should be sized to fit over the entire joint surface.
10. If more decompression is needed, the surgeon should continue to ream as much as necessary.
11. The Accu-Joint™ can be placed on both sides of the joint at the same time.
12. There are 2 reamer and 2 drill sizes for all implants.
13. The surgeon can ream the opposing joint surface without using an implant.
14. The reamers and drills are cannulated but the Accu-Joint™ implant is not.
15. The Accu-Joint™ is non weight bearing.
16. The threaded stem of the Accu-Joint™ implant widens at the base.
17. There are 8 sizes of the Accu-Joint™ implant for each side of the joint in the full sized tray and 6 sizes in the Target trays.
18. The length of the Accu-Joint™ threaded stem is 10 mm for the larger sizes of both the AJMI and AJPI.
19. The Accu-Joint™ is recommended to be used with bone cement.
20. Accufix representatives must document an instrument on the Charge sheet if an instrument breaks during the procedure.