Choose function over fusion

The Accu-Joint™ hemi implant system is a revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment for MTP joint disorders that is designed to restore natural motion and preserve your active lifestyle.

Learn how the Accu-Joint™ is revolutionizing MTP joint treatment

You no longer need to choose between living pain-free and retaining your active lifestyle! The Accu-Joint™ is a fast, simple procedure that restores joint motion and gets you back on your feet.

Unlike bone fusions, which restrict movement, the Accu-Joint™ gives your toe the ability to flex!

Over the years I’ve had four separate surgeries to try and relieve the joint pain in my left big toe. None of them worked. With each surgery my pain got worse. After the Accu-Joint™ surgery, my toe pain disappeared. Not only that, I now have range of motion in my joint and can walk normally. The results are a miracle

— Accufix Patient, 49 Year Old Female

Learn more about the Accu-Joint™

Learn how the Accu-Joint™ is helping patients alleviate pain and get back on their feet faster!

For Patients

The Accu-Joint™ is weight bearing on day 1 which means you can get back to doing the things you love faster.

The Accu-Joint™ difference

Regain functionality

Unlike fusions, the Accu-Joint™ enables patients to regain mobility and joint functionality.

No resection of the bone end

Our patented 2-stage reamer resurfaces the bone end without the need for resection.

Non-weight bearing design

Body weight is transferred to the preserved bone, rather than the implant.

Fast, active recovery

The Accu-Joint™ is weight-bearing from day 1 and patients are back on their feet in days, not weeks.

“We finally have a viable option to choose joint preservation over joint fusion.”

— Dr. Glenn C. Vitale, DPM, FACFAS

Choose function over fusion with the Accu-Joint™

Learn why the Accu-Joint™ is the only choice for MTP joint disorders.