The Accu-Joint™ is indicated for use in the treatment of patients with degenerative and post-traumatic arthritis of the MTP joint in the presence of good bone stock with the following clinical conditions: Hallux Limitus, Hallux Rigidus, and any arthritic conditions having unstable or painful MTP joints.

Accu-Joint revolutionary toe implant

The Accu-Joint™ system, a revolutionary new treatment for disorders of the MTP joint. Surgeons can now functionally and accurately restore arthritic toe joints, while allowing original anatomic bone structure to remain intact.

Recent FDA approval of this unique non-weight bearing HEMI implant finally lets patients choose joint preservation over fusion. In granting its approval, the FDA recognized two patented technologies that differentiate the Accu-Joint™ system from its competitors.

“We finally have a viable option to choose true joint preservation over joint fusion.”

Dr. Glenn C. Vitale, DPM, FACFAS

  • No Resection of Bone End
  • Preserved Subchondral Bone
  • 4-Point Rigid Internal Fixation
  • Sized Smaller Than The Joint
  • Non Weight-Bearing


Unique Design

Accu-Joint™ replaces only what is anatomically required, avoiding resection of hard bone.

Retains Functionality

Utilizing the preserved rigid bone mass, the Accu-Joint™ provides rigid fixation, ensuring the necessary strength and stability needed for full foot functionality.


In the unlikely event of implant failure, there is a high probability of success for another joint replacement since bone mass is retained.

Product Portfolio

Accufix Surgical™ intends to offer a series of joint replacement systems matched to each unique patient diagnosis, beginning with the FDA’s recent approval of the Accu-Joint™ HEMI implant.

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