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This video provides basic training in the use of the Accu-Joint™ Hemi Implant in a typical patient. Individual patients may present differently from the typical patient, and this video does not cover all situations that may arise during a surgery. The surgeon must evaluate whether and how to use the device based on his or her professional experience and judgment. The Instructions for Use, available on this website, provides additional necessary information regarding indications for use, contraindications, possible complications, warnings and other information. The Surgical Tips, available on this website, provides additional information regarding insights, learnings and tips pertaining to the surgical technique. The surgeon may contact Accufix at contact@accufixsurgical.com with any questions about the Accu-Joint™ Hemi Implant or if additional training is required. At the surgeon’s request, a trained representative from Accufix or its authorized distributor can be made available to be present during any procedure using the Accu-Joint™ Hemi Implant to provide information about the proper use of the device and technical assistance.

Surgeon Training Video