Alleviate pain and restore natural motion

The Accu-Joint® system is a revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment for MTP joint disorders that is designed to restore natural motion and preserve your active lifestyle.

Now you don’t have to choose between an active lifestyle, and living pain free. You can have both with the Accu-Joint®.

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Refuse to fuse!

Joint fusion is currently the most prevalent way to treat MTP joint disorders. But joint fusion is an irreversible procedure that should only be used as a last resort. While joint fusion does reduce MTP joint pain, it also makes it impossible to bend your big toe.


Joint fusion destroys the joint

  • Destroys the joint
  • Eliminates range of motion
  • Weight-bearing after 6 weeks
  • 6-8 weeks recovery
  • Can result in pain in other parts of the foot

The Accu-Joint® restores joint motion

  • Preserves the joint
  • Restores joint motion
  • Weight-bearing on day one
  • Short, active recovery period
  • Reduces or removes joint pain

“The Accu-Joint® is the only implant I’ve seen that has patients back on their feet on day one, and that is designed to restore full motion in the MTP joint. It’s the only choice for people that want to alleviate pain and remain active.”

— Dr. Aaron Shemenski, DPM, FACFAS

Get back on your feet quickly

Here is a typical recovery timeline for the Accu-Joint® procedure, however your experience may be different depending on your doctor’s recommendations and your specific condition. Be sure to ask your doctor what your recovery process will look like.

What to expect
Day 0
Day of your surgery

Implant is full weight-bearing in a protected surgical shoe.

7 days post-op
1st doctor visit

Dressing change & wound inspection.

14 days post-op
2nd doctor visit

Stitches are removed and range-of-motion exercises can begin.

21 days post-op
3rd doctor visit

Transition to a supportive sneaker and increase activity as you can tolerate it.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Accu-Joint® for?
The Accu-Joint® is a medical device for the treatment of painful arthritic greater and lesser toe joints of the foot. The system has been developed to help maintain normal function and reduce pain. It’s purpose is to replicate the normal motion of your joint. The Accu-Joint® is specifically designed to remove only the damaged cartilage, and replace it with a minimally invasive titanium implant designed to maximize motion.
Can I use the Accu-Joint® if I have already had a joint fusion?
This may be possible in selected cases of fusion that did not require a bone graft.
What is an MTP joint disorder?
The Metatarsal Phalangeal (MTP) Joints are the joints where the foot meets the toes. MTP disorders are defined as a joint deformity or bone disease that results in an arthritic joint after a period of time. These disorders are often painful and make it difficult to put weight on your toes and move your joints.
What are the benefits of the Accu-Joint®?
  1. It is designed to replace the cartilage in your joint so that the natural movement of your toe is preserved as opposed to having a fusion, which eliminates the ability of your toe to bend.
  2. The Accu-Joint® is intended to be non-weight bearing and rely on the hard bone of your toe to support body weight, particularly during exercise when the weight of the body placed on your toes can double or even triple.
  3. The procedure is straightforward, usually takes less than an hour and patients are expected to begin putting weight on their toe soon after surgery.
Will I retain motion of my MTP joint after the Accu-Joint® procedure?
The Accu-Joint® has been developed to improve the ability of your toes to bend and move so that you can put weight on your foot and achieve an acceptable quality of life.